ROADWISE’s core power

Aiming to be a technology-specific company that focuses on “people” as a leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution Blockchain technology, and aims to be a global education technology firm that helps people with the convergence effect of high-tech technology and education.

A very small idea creates value, and its value grows into the ‘ blue chip ‘ of the business. Based on the infinite idea, ROADWISE has stood tall as the first ‘ language education professional Development company ‘ in Korea, and has been developing and servicing the Language Education Act using the speech recognition engine and the first domestic artificial intelligence correction service.

Based on idea, ROADWISE earned the title of 1st, first and foremost. But there is no plan to settle on this spot.

Based on this idea, we promise results that will satisfy our customers and users.

In the era of cutting-edge technology in all industries, our country’s high technology application and technology development is poor. ROADWISE has a plan to become the best ICT Company in Korea in this reality and is moving forward even at this moment.

ROADWISE is a successful project based on unparalleled results, including custom e-learning, cryptocurrency, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies that have developed AI artificial intelligence and big data-driven technologies.

In other words, the key factor derived from the Vision declaration itself is the implementation of the strategic task of ROADWISE, which is the driving force of load wise.

The teamwork is responsible for the creative planning and planning of a successful project, as well as a superb 360-degree performance, and the highest quality and final delivery of ROADWISE.

With its understanding and expertise in the industry, ROADWISE is committed to teamwork, which is a top priority for customer convenience.

Online Education Development

ROADWISE’s Internet learning program allows you to do 24-hour training and learning, no matter where and when.

Seven English 7


Power Writing


EBS LittleN













The content of ROADWISE is based on a company that boasts the best brands in Korea, and with its already proven data and loadwise unique learning platform, we offer our users high school lessons and teaching methods.

AI. Artificial intelligence

ROADWISE AI Artificial Intelligence technology brings newness.

Block Chain

ROADWISE’s blockchain creates an overall ecosystem of crypto-currencies, exchanges, and wallet.
Cryptocurrency self-development and performs batch planning, design, network development, branding and marketing.

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Creative thinking and innovation will be with your successful business.

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